ZEscrow - Escrow Services

Simplified escrow management and tracking designed for businesses like yours.  

Our digital solution helps you manage and hold client funds within a comprehensive and convenient online portal. Whether you’re holding security deposits, down payments, or retainers, you can manage it all with ZEscrow. 

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Easy Escrow Management

With ZEscrow, you can open your subaccounts right from your home or office. Once you’ve opened a master account, you can fund, track and monitor all your subaccounts without needing to go to the bank.  

Statements and Reporting

ZEscrow helps to simplify your accounting process with detailed monthly statements, and allocation and reporting of interest. Each of your client beneficiaries will receive their 1099s directly. You’ll also receive balance reports with important details in a downloadable format. 

Interest Disbursement

Disbursement options such as monthly, quarterly, and year-end can help you make better choices to support your client’s needs. 


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