Helps avoid the aggravation of returned checks. 

Re$ubmitIt® is an electronic check recovery service that significantly reduces the hassle of collections, with the potential of doubling your recovery rate. You collect more returned checks and get 100% of the face value of all checks that are collected electronically.

How Re$ubmitIt Works

The Re$ubmitIt electronic check recovery service handles the collection process discreetly and electronically from beginning to end, via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network for re-presentment directly to the check writer’s bank account.

  1. We send Re$ubmitIt returned checks, where they are converted to electronic files.
  2. The electronic check file is processed by Re$ubmitIt and strategically timed for re-presentation to the check writer’s account for collection. Presenting checks at proven “time slots” improves the chance of collection.
  3. If the electronic check cannot be collected after one submission, Re$ubmitIt will present it a final time. The check may be re-submitted up to two times electronically. If the check is not recovered after the second time, it will be sent to Re$ubmitIt’s traditional collections, or sent back to you.
  4. Upon settlement, 100% of the value of all checks is reimbursed to you automatically. The check writer’s account is charged the state-regulated non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee to cover the cost of collection.