Home Equity Debt Consolidation Calculator

A Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit (HELOC) can be an effective tool to consolidate debt, reduce your overall interest rate, and lower your monthly payments. Enter your outstanding balances and interest rates in the sections below (click the pencil icon to expand each), and your desired repayment term and interest rate on your home equity loan/line. Then see how your monthly payments compare by clicking the “View Report” button.

Home Equity Credit Calculator

Curious how much you might qualify for? Try our Home Equity calculator below. To begin, simply input the value of your home and the total amount of all your outstanding home loans.

15 vs. 30 Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage Calculator

This calculator helps prospective borrowers compare a 15 Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage to a 30 Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage, including the monthly payment amount, remaining principle balance, total interest paid, and potential tax implications.* Just enter your mortgage information in the fields below, then click the “View Report” button for a summary.

ARM vs. Fixed-Rate Mortgage Calculator

A Fixed-Rate Mortgage has the same payment for the entire term of the loan. An Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM) has a fixed rate for a specific period of time (“initial period”), after which the rate may adjust and change your monthly payment. Just click the pencil icon to expand the sections below, enter your mortgage information, and click the “View Report” button to compare a Fixed Rate Mortgage to a Fully Amortizing ARM.

Loan Repayment Calculator

Enter your loan amount, interest rate and term below, and click the “View Report” button to see the amortized monthly repayment schedule, including your remaining principal balance by payment, the total of all payments made, and the total interest paid. Or, conversely, enter your desired monthly payment to see the corresponding loan amount you could finance.

Retirement Planning Calculator

A retirement plan requires careful consideration of many factors “ such as how much you save, how your future earnings might change, and how much you’ll spend in retirement. This calculator allows you to explore different outcomes by adjusting these variables, and seeing their effects on your retirement plan.

Savings Goals Calculator

Are you on track to meet your savings goals? Find out by completing the fields below and clicking the “View Report” button. You’ll get a summary of your current savings plan and a sense of how much you might want to adjust your monthly savings amount to reach your goal in inflation-adjusted dollars.

Roth vs. Traditional IRA Calculator

This Individual Retirement Account (IRA) calculator helps you compare possible retirement outcomes from investing in a Roth IRA vs. a Traditional IRA. Just click the pencil icon to expand the sections below, enter your information, and click the “View Report” button for detailed results. Information and interactive calculators are made available to you only as […]

Emergency Savings Calculator

Emergency savings can help you manage sudden and unforeseen financial hardships like losing a job, auto repair bills, medical emergencies, property damage, or legal issues.

CD Ladder Calculator

The term “CD Ladder” refers to opening a series of Certificates of Deposit (CDs) with a range of maturity dates, then re-depositing maturing CD balances into long-term, higher-rate CDs. This strategy provides greater liquidity than a single long-term CD and a higher rate of return than a single short-term rollover CD. It can be especially beneficial when interest rates are rising and maturing balances are re-deposited at increasingly higher rates.