Economic News – June 2024

(Printable PDF) Perception Versus Reality For economists and policy makers, waiting for inflation to subside is like waiting for Godot. But that time may finally have arrived, as the consumer price index rose less than expected in April. It was the first time this year that inflation did not surprise on the upside, giving hope […]

Economic News – May 2024

(Printable PDF) Sticky Inflation Keeps Rates Higher for Longer Has the Fed thrown in the towel? That’s the question investors are grappling with; and those who think they know the answer are being deceived. At the start of the year, the odds-on bet was that the central bank was poised to cut interest rates, a […]

Economic News – April 2024

(Printable PDF) Noisy Data Complicates Fed Policy With a presidential election looming, geopolitical tensions escalating, and a central bank considering a major shift in its policy stance, 2024 looks to be an eventful year with a wide range of possible outcomes. So far, the financial markets are taking a “what, me worry?” attitude, as stock […]

Economic News – March 2024

(Printable PDF) No Rush to Cut Rates January tends to be an ornery month for economists, and the calendar did not disappoint this year. In the closing months of 2023, it appeared that a Goldilocks economy was unfolding, one that featured a cooling, but still solid, pace of economic activity amid a steady decline in […]

Economic News – February 2024

(Printable PDF) No Quit in This Economy 2023 ended on a high note, punctuated by sharp rallies in both the stock and bond markets, tangible evidence that the economy is on a steady disinflationary growth path, and strong indications that the Fed is poised to cut rates in 2024. The soft-landing scenario that most economists […]

Five Questions With Sean McGrath

Five Questions With Sean McGrath Sean McGrath serves Brookline Bank as a Vice President in the Commercial Banking Group. He joined Brookline in April 2018. Sean has a background in designing and implementing financing and deposit strategies for insurance carriers and agencies. He is a licensed Massachusetts Property & Casualty Insurance Advisor and Commercial Lines […]

Economic News – January 2024

(Printable PDF) The Case For Lower Rates The era of low rates ended in March 2022 when the Federal Reserve started the most aggressive rate-hiking campaign in a generation, lifting its policy rate 11 times from near zero to a range of 5.25-5.50 percent in July of 2023, where it has remained. Until a few […]

Economic News – December 2023

(Printable PDF) Higher Speed Limit Slows Inflation The holiday shopping season has officially kicked off, and while some have predicted a less festive Santa might have been coming down the chimney, the nation’s collective stockings will not be filled with coal. Consumers have not yet zipped up their wallets and purses, but they are running […]

Economic News – November 2023

(Printable PDF) The Great Divide Between Feelings And Behavior The American public may not be feeling better about things, but economists clearly are. Most households think the economy is going in the wrong direction, and consumer confidence in one prominent survey is currently at recession levels. To be sure, there is a heavy political component […]

Economic News – October 2023

(Printable PDF) Year-End Shocks and High Rates Heighten Recession Risk As expected, the Federal Reserve held rates steady at the September 19-20 policy meeting, following 11 hikes over the last 18 months that lifted short-term rates from near zero to a range of 5.25-5.50 percent. The jury is still out as to whether the central […]

Economic News – September 2023

(Printable PDF) The Economic Engine is Running Out of Fuel Economists are sounding ever-more like Gilda Radner of Saturday Night Live fame, claiming “never mind” about their recession call of a few months ago. What’s behind their mea culpa? Well, the economy for one thing. The drumbeat of stronger-than-expected data continues to roll in, defying […]

Five Questions With Mona Macero

Ms. Macero serves as Brookline Bancorp’s Senior Vice President, Managing Director in the Commercial Markets Payment Group. She joined the Bank in July 2019 as SVP, Director of Cash Management.