Economic News – May 2022

(Printable PDF) When Will Inflation Peak? It’s been a rough ride for investors as red ink has spilled profusely so far this year. The losses have been particularly acute in the bond market, which, ironically is usually the refuge for investors seeking safety and stability when conditions get dicey. Not so much this time. In […]

Economic News – April 2022

(Printable PDF) Here Come The Rate Hikes The Russian invasion of Ukraine is primarily a human tragedy, but the global economic costs can’t be ignored – and they are piling up. It’s unclear how long the war will go on; the longer it persists, the greater the toll on world economies. As it is, the […]

Elder Fraud Podcast

Leslie Joannides-Burgos and Boston Age Strong Commission’s Age Friendly Director Andrea Burns discuss Brookline Bank’s Age Friendly Training and Elder Financial Fraud in an interview hosted by Seven Letter’s Ann Murphy.    OA On Air · EXTRA: Brookline Bank’s Executive Vice President Leslie Joannides-Burgos; AFB Director Andrea Burns   Podcast Transcript: Ann Murphy: Leslie […]

Economic News – March 2022

(Printable PDF) Tumultuous Start To The Year With barely two months in the books, it is hard to remember another year that opened with as much drama as 2022. The swirl of events included the surge and rapid descent of the Omicron variant, spiraling inflation, heart-throbbing geopolitical tensions with Russia, a hawkish pivot by the […]

Darryl Fess – 2022 Economic Outlook

As we enter the third year of the pandemic, Brookline Bank President and CEO Darryl Fess shares his thoughts on the 2022 economy with Ann Murphy of Seven Letter/O’Neill and Associates. He touches upon issues including how the pandemic has affected the economy, inflation, supply-chains, labor shortages, commercial real estate, and the banking industry. Enjoy […]

Economic News – February 2022

(Printable PDF) Economy Faces a Winter Chill A winter economic soft patch has begun, as spiking Omicron cases exacerbate supply chain and labor market stress and fuel greater consumer and business caution. While the virus continues to be in the driver’s seat of the recovery, the early 2022 economic cool down won’t result in a […]

Economic News – January 2022

Printable PDF Fear & Inflation Cast a Shadow Over 2022 It may not feel like it given the resurgence in Covid health concerns, elevated inflation, and heightened financial market volatility, but the U.S. economy is doing quite well heading into the new year. Unemployment is falling rapidly, people are shopping freely, household balance sheets are […]

Economic News – December 2021

Printable PDF A Christmas Wish: More Supply Please The clouds over the U.S. economy are dissipating as one of two key constraints on activity is fading. Thanks to an improving health situation amid ramped-up vaccination efforts, people are traveling again, going to concerts, and engaging in a host of social activities that were crushed over […]

Economic News – November 2021

Printable PDF It’s Not Stagflation, But It Sure Is “M.E.S.S.I” The U.S. economy is going through another rough patch, as supply shortages abound, workers are hard to find, and inflation is surging. Legislators are at loggerheads over the two major pieces of legislation that the White House is struggling to pass – the $1 trillion […]

Economic News – October 2021

Printable PDF The U.S. Economy – A Delta Detour The U.S. economy is past its fastest growth phase, but like a marathoner it still has plenty in reserve to continue the run. Until the Delta variant reared its ugly head it was thought that conditions would have returned to normal by now, setting the stage […]

Economic News – September 2021

The US economy passed a key milestone in the second quarter as it more than recouped output lost during the Covid-induced recession.

Economic News – August 2021

The economy just finished the second quarter coming off the second strongest growth rate since 1978. The powerful post-pandemic reopening boost is still unfolding. But the rapid reopening has brought with it a host of problems, highlighting the fact that the road to normalcy is unlikely to be smooth.