Checking Out an Unfamiliar Neighborhood

Whenever you are considering moving into a community or neighborhood you are not familiar with, you should visit the area at different times of the day, as well as at night. Walk around the streets.

See below a few things that you should take note of in the neighborhood:

  1. What are the traffic patterns?
  2. Pedestrian traffic- is it noisy? Busy?
  3. Lots of sirens?
  4. What is the condition of houses in the neighborhood?
  5. Are there playgrounds, schools nearby?

Read local papers. Stop into local businesses, retail shops, restaurants. Are these places you would like to frequent? Talk to residents. Find out what they like, dislike about the neighborhood. Ask about noise. Is it a peaceful, quiet or noisy neighborhood? Does their assessment jive with what you have noticed on your walks? Are there unruly neighbors, parties, barking dogs, planes overhead, excessive traffic? What about crime? Do residents feel safe in the area? Ask residents about local amenities, public transportation options and parking. Is there major development planned for the area that may affect property values and congestion either positively or negatively?

You can always find out demographic information about communities on the internet, but only by visiting a community or neighborhood in person can you get a true sense of whether you would like to live there.

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