Cash Management

Our Cash Management team provides advanced solutions that allow you to increase the efficiency of day-to-day financial operations while reducing expenses and exposure to fraud.

Cash Management Online Banking

At the core of our services is Cash Management Online – a secure, multi-user, online and mobile banking environment in which to manage your vital financial transactions. It provides critical information to make timely decisions, tools to effectively manage your cash flow, a range of fraud detection services, and the ability to securely make payments with a variety of options.


Optimize your cash flow with easy-to-use payment receivables solutions.

  • Expedite funds availability by collecting payments quickly and securely.
  • Improve cash management forecasting.
  • Accept payments online from anywhere, anytime.

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Deposit XPress (Remote Deposit Capture)

Eliminate trips to the Bank by capturing and transmitting deposits to us using your PC and a desktop scanner or a mobile device from the convenience of your office or home.

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ACH Collections

Initiate electronic debits securely via Cash Management Online for same-day or next day settlement.

Card Payment Processing (Merchant Services)

A suite of payment solutions that provide maximum flexibility for card payments — whether it’s in- store, online, or through the mail.

Learn more about Card Payment Processing

Payment Portal

A simple solution for customers, members, tenants, or donors to make secure electronic payments on your website.

Lockbox Services

A range of services to accelerate the conversion of your receivables tailored to your unique customer payment collection needs. 


Manage your accounts payable with a variety of secure, online payment options.

  • Safe and secure means for moving funds.
  • Improved cash management forecasting.
  • Reduction of time and expense.
  • Proactive management of your daily cash position.

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ACH Payments

Originate electronic payment transactions securely via Cash Management Online for same-day or next-day settlement.

US Dollar and Foreign Currency Wire Transfers

Initiate U.S. Dollar or Foreign Currency wire transfers via Cash Management Online with multiple approval options.

Controlled Disbursement

Eliminate funding uncertainty with notification of total pending check payments scheduled to clear at day’s-end.  Cash position and daily funding requirements can be viewed via Cash Management Online.

Bill Payment

Eliminate check writing by paying bills via Cash Management Online by making one-time, auto-scheduled, and recurring payments.

Purchasing Card

Manage travel expenses, business purchasing, fleet transactions, and accounts payable with our One Card program.

Please contact your Brookline Bank representative, or speak to our Cash Management team to discuss how we can tailor a program to meet your specific needs.

Fraud Protection

Protect your business accounts with powerful risk management tools.

  • Online security features protecting the integrity of online transactions through “layered security”.
  • Dual control for payment transactions.
  • Check fraud mitigation.
  • Detection of unauthorized ACH Debits.

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Online Banking Security

Cash Management Online’s secure browser technology provides multi-layer protection, including testing for corruption and infection, multi-factor identity verification, authentication of destination websites, one-time passcodes, and it employs unique user permissions with dual control and company administrator controls.

Check Positive Pay with Payee Matching

Minimize the possibility of fraud loss or disruption of payments to your vendors, clients, or employees by protecting you from fraudulently created or altered checks.

ACH Positive Pay

Monitor incoming ACH Debit transactions (outgoing funds), setting up specific rules to allow authorized transactions to post, and returning any unauthorized transactions.

Fraud Alerts

Via Positive Pay, receive alerts of potentially fraudulent check activity or unauthorized transactions.

Liquidity Management

Put idle funds to work for your business by concentrating funds, investing, or paying down debt automatically.

  • Automatic investment of excess cash maximizes working capital resources.
  • Multiple investment options offered to meet your financial objectives.
  • Maximize interest income by sweeping funds into overnight investment vehicles.

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Automated Sweep Services

Multiple options to assist with your daily cash flow fluctuations and decision-making tools to maximize your investment income and minimize interest expense.

Investment Sweep

Offers a choice of overnight investment options including repurchase agreements and interest-bearing checking accounts.

Loan Sweep

Provides an opportunity to minimize interest expense by paying down your credit line.

Zero Balance Account (ZBA)

 A cost-effective way to concentrate deposits and eliminate manual transfers.  Funds are automatically swept into your concentration account at the end of each business day.

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