Order Foreign Currency

We provide easy, safe, and cost-effective foreign currency exchange.

Purchasing currency prior to your trip can save time and help you avoid higher cost exchange services at foreign airports and ATMs. 

Over 70 currencies are available for advance order. Just visit our nearest location to order for in-person pick up, or home delivery (for an additional fee).  Please allow 1-2 business days for delivery.

Currency Available for Immediate Purchase

The locations below maintain inventories of Canadian Dollars, Euros, and British Pounds for immediate purchase during business hours. We suggest checking in advance to ensure sufficient quantities are on hand.

Arlington – Massachusetts Avenue

Lexington – Massachusetts Avenue

Boston – Clarendon Street

Medford – Salem Street

Boston – State Street

Newton – Newton Centre

Brookline – Coolidge Corner

Wellesley – Wellesley Hills

Ipswich – Market Street


Chinese Yuan are also available for immediate purchase at our State Street, Clarendon Street, Brookline – Coolidge Corner, and Medford – Salem Street locations.

Certain fees, limits, and exclusions may apply.  Non-bank customers may only purchase currency at locations that maintain inventory for immediate purchase and must purchase their currency with cash (U.S. Dollars).