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Whether your financial life is straightforward or complex, Brookline Investment Services has the experienced professionals and information to assist you with maximizing your financial outcomes.

Financial Advisors at Brookline Investment Services

The best way to develop a financial plan is by working directly with a Financial Advisor. You can meet at your nearest Brookline Bank location where, together, you can develop a plan tailored to your needs, and comfort level.

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Joseph M. Buckley, CFP®
Financial Advisor
Richard Ellington, AIF, CEBS®, CFP®
Financial Advisor
Paul C. Hill, CRPC®, CSSCS®
Financial Advisor
Frank Marzella, CFP®, CRPC®, CSSCS®
Financial Advisor
Jennifer Read, CFP®, ChFc®
Financial Advisor

Better Financial Decisions

Our Financial Advisors can help you make better financial decisions for investing in your future when it comes to:

  • Choosing the Right Investment Strategy
  • Paying for College / 529 Plans
  • Investing for Retirement
  • Getting Ready to Retire / Retired
  • Buying & Selling Home / Real Estate
  • Major Life Events
  • Your 401(k)


Learn more by selecting the Investing in Your Future Playlist at our Learning Center.

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