Economic News – June 2023

(Printable PDF) Why Are Economists So Glum? Economists are often called dismal scientists, as they are more likely to see the proverbial glass as half empty than half full. That label is vividly on display now, as the forecast of a recession within the economic community is more pronounced than ever. In its May survey, […]

Economic News – May 2023

(Printable PDF) From One Challenge to Another While the challenges that rocked the financial markets in March have been defused, their aftereffects are rippling through the economy. We’ll have a better sense of how much credit conditions have tightened on May 8th when the Federal Reserve releases its Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey. The good […]

Economic News – April 2023

(Printable PDF) The Fed’s Direct & Indirect Effects It is a time-honored adage that monetary policy affects the economy with long and variable lags. Well, that time is up, if the tumult caused by the failure of a few regional banks is any indication. It’s important to remember that central bank rate changes impact the […]

Economic News – March 2023

(Printable PDF) The Economy’s Roller Coaster Ride Continues Renewed economic vigor is upending expectations. Last year ended with a thud, with consumers retrenching, inflation receding, and financial markets slumping. Recession fears became more pronounced as did expectations the Federal Reserve would soon pause its aggressive rate-hiking campaign to prevent a deep slump that would throw […]

Economic News – February 2023

(Printable PDF) Slowing Inflation Offers Hope for 2023 Murphy’s Law played out in dramatic fashion last year, as virtually anything that could go wrong seemingly did. The pandemic morphed into a new variant; Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ignited a spike in energy, food and other commodity prices that reinforced the worst inflation outbreak in 40 […]

First-Time Homebuyers Mortgage Opportunities Abound

(Printable PDF) Brookline Bank’s Allan Martorana, SVP and Mortgage Banking Team Leader, contributed the following article to the Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation (ABCDC) 2023-2024 Homeownership Resource Guide. Many thanks to the ABCDC for permission to share the article.   First-time homebuyers, your window of opportunity may have just opened. For the past ten years, […]

Economic News – January 2023

(Printable PDF) Recession Ahead: Will It Be Mild Or Severe? It was a rough 2022, but the U.S. economy survived the myriad headwinds thrown at it, including raging inflation, geopolitical stress, skyrocketing interest rates, declining stock prices, a recurring COVID-19 wave, and the most aggressive pivot towards monetary tightening in more than forty years. Against […]

In Person with Jerry Algere

In Person with Jerry Algere Gerald “Jerry” Algere joined Brookline Bank in September as Institutional Banking Team Leader in the Bank’s Commercial (C&I) Banking Group. Banker & Tradesman recently spotlighted Jerry’s 30 years of building a $2 billion not-for-profit commercial portfolio. Read the article: (Printable PDF)

Economic News – December 2022

(Printable PDF) This Too Won’t Last Has the inflation worm turned? It’s still early, but the signs are encouraging as an expanding list of price measures are pointing to slower increases. Whether this favorable trend continues is an open question. Many factors underpinned the astonishing inflation cycle of the past two years and many don’t […]

Economic News – November 2022

(Printable PDF) Slamming On the Brakes: Is a Crash Ahead? Alarms warning of a recession ring louder with each rate hike by the Federal Reserve. So far this year, there’s been plenty – five since March and still counting. Following the last three jumbo-sized 0.75 percentage point increases, the Fed’s benchmark short-term rate now stands […]

Economic News – October 2022

(Printable PDF) Recession Watch Enough is enough! The economy has demonstrated an astonishing amount of resiliency against the headwinds thrown at it over the past two years – Covid-19, both short and long, surging energy prices, spiraling interest rates, supply shortages, and, not least, stubbornly high inflation. Through it all, the job market has remained […]